Monday, 26 March 2012

One is never enough

 After holding out for weeks without shopping, it was accidentally one of those weeks that impulse took over the best of me and I've seemed to accidentally haul a total of six pairs within a span of a week. Woops!  I don't think there can be a  justifying why I hauled so many are as followed... (and so I keep telling myself to make it feel much more justifiable haha)
 (Nude patent loafers - by Wittner, Silver glitter stiletto platform pumps - by Pure Hype, Suede platform pumps - by Pure Hype.)

Finally I found a decent pair of nude leather loafers for everyday - a much more chic look than the common ballet flats. One of the most important rule's in my personal books, is to always own at least a decent pair of enclosed flat shoes. My biggest pet peeve is not being able to complete a perfectly casual outfit with the right shoes, particularly when it comes down to flip flops. They should never be the solution to comfortable footwear or a replacement, unless it's worn to the beach or places where it's really necessary only. Always, invest in a pair of sandals at the very least, however I don't think you can ever go wrong with a timeless pair of loafers.

I'm a huge lover for the classic pumps. It's a style I'm more than willing to invest in various colours in because no matter what outfit they are worn with, it will always work. Being a genetically short person, the platform style to me is a blessing haha. This week, I've decided to take home a more uniquely glittery pair in a light silver because they immediately stand out so well, working perfectly for more evening occasions.

As for my new brown suede pumps I love that they are much more toned down with a chunkier heel - comfortable and stable enough for me to walk in for longer periods of time, particularly for work or a everyday informal occasions.

(Suede fallens - by Siren shoes)

Recently I've been looking out for more simplistic flattering heels. The skinny straps and a stable chunky heel of these Fallens were an immediate tick in my books. Combining romantic simplicity and comfort in one to serve a multipurpose pair!

(Metallic colour-block pointed stilettos - from Zara)

These metallic gold babies are definitely my most favourite pair from this weeks haul. I've been meaning to pick up a staple black pair for while now, but when this pair from Zara began appearing across the fashion blogosphere, I knew I just had to have them. I haven't really owned a pair of sleek metallic's yet, so my biggest dilemma was contemplating between purchasing the silver or gold,but eventually I came to terms with gold considering I had more matching accessories in the colour. So an additional gold pair was just crucial to throw into my shoe collection hehe!

(Patent Scoops - by Verali)
(Marni Patent Runways)

My first immediate reaction when I saw the Patent Scoops in stores was how oddly similar they were to the Marni Patent Runways wedges. I love these... perfect for teaming with flared skirts and short dresses, particularly with shift and wrap styles, they are the all essential accessory to a flirty outfit. They're now newly added as one of the most ridiculously comfortable shoes I own, I'm so sure I'll be wearing these babies out everyday until they begin falling apart!

(Patent white, Karissa's - by Tony Bianco)

However it doesn't stop there... although I haven't physically laid my hands on these babies yet, but
I've already placed my pre-order for the stunning Karissa's by Tony Bianco in Patent white. Yet another blog lovin' pair I just had to own! It's to my disadvantage that can be so easily influenced haha. But really, how could you not love the minimalist look of this style? And with such a popularity and high demand for this style, I'm eagerly awaiting for my pre-order to be confirmed. Seriously cannot wait to slip these babies on when they arrive... the anticipation somewhat makes me feel like Cinderella slip my foot back into that perfect shoe, or in my case, that all important pair I've been waiting all my life for haha.


  1. hey, how much did you buy the wittner flats for? they're so simple and classy~
    love your blog posts too!

    1. Thank you! The nude colour was only $40 from the Wittner clearance! What a steal! They're originally $129.95 and they also come in black :)


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