Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New to the family

 (Claw bangle, Cotton scallop edged tank, Colour-block Blouse - all from eBay)

Apologies for such a long delay with updates everyone! I've been fairly busy around the clock with family gatherings these past few days with relo's from Canada visting. So everyday has been momentarily flat out with family dinners, barbecues and touristy outings. On top, I'm once again back at uni for the semester, so there goes a lot of my spare time to keep my promise to update consistently. And to top everything else, my laptop had decided to crash-course again when I finally found the time to do some major updates on my blogs. So that sort of set me back a few days without any access. However luckily enough I've managed to have it repaired and returned in record time... so here we are!

More delivery goodness ended up at my doorstep last week - I'm beginning to think I have a minor and increasing eBay as well as an online shopping habit recently than I ever. This was becoming evident when I became a familiar and regular stopover route for the delivery man haha. But well anyway, there's always the perks about online purchases... particularly when you manage to discover items you've been searching far and wide for that you just can't seem to achieve finding in local stores. 

I'm currently swooning over my new claw bangle! I can't wait to begin teaming up this bangle with my Gold over sized Michael Kors watch that I'll be picking up soon - a total arm bling combo! 

On top I've always had my eye on brightly coloured scalloped edged cotton tanks for a while now. I first ran into the style while holidaying in Malaysia over a year ago in Topshop, but only recently has it been popping up in local Australian retailers, particularly in Glassons. And ever since, I couldn't keep my eyes off them - but eventually I gave in after discovering it online for the fraction of the retail price! I love a good bargain find.

Last but not least on top of my recent obsession for asymmetric cut pieces, I've also been wildly obsessing over bold colour-blocking pieces. So to no surprise, after discovering this blouse it immediately caught my attention and I knew I just had to have it! I'm absolutely looking forward to wearing this out quite often as the weather begins to turn cooler soon as Sydney progresses into Autumn.

Photography by tymothyjames


  1. ahh I love your claw cuff. eBay does get really addictive, especially when you find one thing you like and then you're scouring the whole store for more goodies and discounted shipping! :P the colour block blouse is gorgeous too!


    1. Thanks Izzy! And precisely, eBay has been very helpful lately for me... which can become extremely too addictive.. I'm refusing to log on for the next few days to let my bank account recover itself hehe


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