Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Create Cosmetics Official Launch

(Wearing: Silk tank - by Bardot, Orange asymmetric skirt - DIY myself, Steel bar belt - from eBay, Suede Fallens - by Siren, Weave clutch - by H&M, Smooth gold cuffs - from ASOS, MAC lipstick - Morange.)

I would like to congratulate and thank dear friend Margaret Albia for the invitation to her amazing cosmetics debut launch 'Create Cosmetics' ( a few weeks ago at Chippendale. What an exciting launch it was filled with stunning models, beautifully displayed products, entertainment and bustling with friends, designers, bloggers and a few familiar industry faces.

About Create Cosmetics

Create Cosmetics is an Australian-owned online retailer of high quality, affordable cosmetics products, offering a wide-range of makeup products. Their professional-grade products are both light-weight and long-lasting, and sourced from only the most trusted and reputable manufacturers within the United States, Canada, and Europe. Create Cosmetics offers vibrant, highly pigmented eye shadows and a wide range of creamy, sumptuous lipsticks infused with natural minerals and oxides. They also offers exquisite false lashes ranging from natural to dramatic, and super-soft, professional quality brushes made from only the finest materials. What definitely sets Create Cosmetics label aside are their amazing affordable prices for such high quality products - be sure to check them out!

For more information about Create Cosmetics check out their website or simply 'like' them on facebook for the latest updates (
Photography by tymothyjames


  1. I went to this!! Love this post. The photos look great. Sadly, I dropped my camera that night so had to use my darn iPhone for photos- so clearly nothing like your awesome post.

    Love you blog. So glad I found it. Keep up the great blogging.

    Luc X

  2. Amazing photos and looks a great make up launch!


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