Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Luxurious Christmas

Twas' the season to be jolly! Just a few of my favourite gifts that I've received for Christmas this year. I've fallen in love with new comfy intimates by Country Road. Thanks to my cousin for such a cute comfortable gift! Will definitely be putting them into good use.

Also I’ve always said that I wanted to start learning how to cook. And what perfect timing it was when I received beautiful retro recipe cookbooks from my boyfriend’s brother for Christmas this year! It was exactly what I need to start ticking off some of my new years resolutions. I’m hoping to master all these recipes by the end of next year hopefully hehe. Thanks a bunch Matty, they are adorable!

I seem to always receive the prettiest presents from my boyfriend’s family - even though I know it’s always his mother who does all the present picking hehe! I have been meaning to go looking for case for my touchpad and this Ted Baker patent iPad case I received for Christmas from them was exactly what I was after and needed! The colour couldn’t have been more attractive - a beautiful bright orange! I can’t deny that I can always trust their taste.

Last but not least, amongst the plentiful number of other minor gifts I had received for Christmas this year from family and friends, my most treasured gift of all was from my sweet boyfriend himself. A gorgeous maroon patent Burberry tote was not what I was expecting to receive! He definitely took me by surprise while we were all exchanging gifts with his family. I was honestly not expecting to receive such a largely wrapped gift, because initially I was assuming that the larger gifts would have been for the kiddies, because everyone knows that kids always expect the bigger the presents, the better haha. But who knew I would have unraveled a piece of Burberry! The icing on the cake was that the bag he had specifically selected from overseas is currently not stocked in Australia. According to him he wanted to ensure I deserve to be the owner of a slightly more 'unique style' in Sydney… gosh I feel so special haha. He’s made such a lovely choice. He sure knows how to make a girl ‘berry’ happy on Christmas Day hehe. Thank you baby! I’m feeling rather spoilt this year.

Photography by tymothyjames

Monday, 26 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - Postcards from Boracay

(Racer back Crochet Maxi dress - by Sportsgirl, Coral crochet bikini - by Seafolly, Cropped loose loop crochet top - from Dotti, Black lifter bikini top & waisted strap bikini bottoms- from Topshop, Woven floppy wide brim hat - from Boracay, Silver crucifix necklace - from Sportsgirl, Messenger Sling bag - Vintage)
It was four magical days in Boracay and I was basically in my swimmers for approximately 90% of the time we were there. However as for the remaining 10% of the time that I did needed to cover up, nothing was more convenient than my crochet items - currently my most favourite throw overs, other than my beloved chiffon drapes. And this summer, it was really all about the wide brim hats. Who said you can't swing a bit of style in while your at the beach? 

Gosh, Oh how I miss the beautiful soft white sands and the clear turquoise waters in Boracay!

Photography by tymothyjames

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - Dusky Favourite

(Brass gold Asymmetric necklace - from Dotti, Dusky Front pleated tank - from Glassons, Silver crucifix necklace - from Sportsgirl, Cat wing half frame specs - from Coco Liberace, Black high-waisted denim shorts - from Intoxic, Crochet shorts - from Blue Jade, Woven envelope zip clutch - from Philippines, Messenger Sling bag - Vintage)

 The loose fitted tank top - another basic piece I couldn't let go of this year particularly during all my vacations in Asia. When it's hot and humid, the last thing I wanted to wear was anything that was going to be body fitting and tight. Loose tanks was probably the only type of tops I packed in my luggage. It's versatility was perfect for both night and day occasions. And more recently I've been going mental with anything in coral, orange and dusky tones!

Photography by tymothyjames

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - The basic heat components

(Basic Chiffon racer back singlet - by Ladakh, Retro print waisted flared shorts - by Fahrenheit, Messenger sling bag - Vintage, Silver crucifix necklace - from Sportsgirl, Cat wing half frame specs - from Coco Liberace, Chanel Studs - by Chanel, Woven wide brim hat - spontaneous purchase during the tour in Vietnam)

The basics that were light in my luggage and kept me cool in tropic heat like I was wearing nothing at all during my vacation in Vietnam and the Philippines. If it was one thing I packed plenty of, was assorted high waisted shorts and chiffon. Loads and loads of chiffon!

Photography by tymothyjames

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - Taking it to the roots

(Dusky strapless swimsuit - from Valleygirl, Crochet shorts - from Blue Jade, messenger sling bag - Vintage)

If it's another moment that I could cherish about this year was the number of countries I managed to visit and revisit, such as my family origins in Vietnam with one my other half. Besides a well deserved holiday to just simply getaway from the norms, it was an amazing opportunity to both embrace and witness some of the most beautiful sights, scenes and cultures this world had to offer. 

These few shots were taken from our visit in my mother's home city Nha Trang, Vietnam. The iconic Pognar Pagoda towers currently stands as one of Nha Trang's iconic ancient and spiritual sights for many. There's nothing more exciting and fulfilling than embracing culture.

Photography by tymothyjames

Monday, 19 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - For the love of my home Sydney

(Maxi halter jumpsuit - from TEMT, Woven clutch - from H&M, Platforms - from Rubi Shoes, Over-sized Turquoise ring - from H&M, China glaze Nail Polish - Audrey blue.)

Probably the most recent shoot before Tim and I left for our beautiful vacation overseas. Once again Sydney's The Rocks area and Circular Quay would have to be one of the most beautifully picturesque places to shoot.

Photography by tymothyjames
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