Thursday, 22 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - Taking it to the roots

(Dusky strapless swimsuit - from Valleygirl, Crochet shorts - from Blue Jade, messenger sling bag - Vintage)

If it's another moment that I could cherish about this year was the number of countries I managed to visit and revisit, such as my family origins in Vietnam with one my other half. Besides a well deserved holiday to just simply getaway from the norms, it was an amazing opportunity to both embrace and witness some of the most beautiful sights, scenes and cultures this world had to offer. 

These few shots were taken from our visit in my mother's home city Nha Trang, Vietnam. The iconic Pognar Pagoda towers currently stands as one of Nha Trang's iconic ancient and spiritual sights for many. There's nothing more exciting and fulfilling than embracing culture.

Photography by tymothyjames

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