Monday, 19 December 2011

Recollections of 2011 - Fragments of a Melbourne Winter Wonderland

(Cotton abstract striped maxi skirt - from H&M, Over-sized knit jumper - from Intoxic, Body Armour jewellery - from Sportsgirl, Black Suede Hat - from Sportsgirl, Faux snake-skin flats - from Wanted, Barrel satchel - from H&M.)

This year I really thought that after turning 21years old, there was really no point celebrating anymore nor did I think there was really any more reason to simply because it was now just becoming 'a number'. However this year had been well to me and I did manage to spend my 22nd birthday celebrating interstate with my favourite people in Melbourne for one wild weekend. If it was one place I loved to visit in winter, than it was always Melbourne. As much as I dislike winter, there was something about the cold in Melbourne that I did not minded. Everything about the city and it's culture had always been so fashionably appealing. It was in no doubt probably the best birthday to date and everywhere we walked and turned in Melbourne felt like a photo opportunity for Tim and I. Definitely an Australian fashion blogger's Winter Wonderland!

Photography by tymothyjames

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