Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Seaside net of Wonders

(Cooper St. open slit maxi dress, Elastic strap gladiators from Overseas markets)

It was the birthday dress I picked out with only less than an hour of shopping time available before my big night out of town with my friends. Surprisingly enough after a quick lap around my local shopping mall, impulsiveness took a better turn and what initially was a 'last minute' birthday dress has now turned into one of my favourite dresses for this summer.

Its Grecian goddess resemblance made it an undeniably suitable frock for the seaside breeze and everything about the intensity of the colour yellow, and the light-weight draping of chiffon makes it fashionably bearable in today's heat which can also be easily transformed from a daytime dress with a pair of gladiators, to a show stopping evening gown when teamed with a good pair of 'look-at-me-now' stilettos and matching clutch.

Photography by tymothyjames


  1. Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter :) love your photos they are so lovely :D Very unique not the typical outfit of the day :D
    Cammi @ Thumbe

  2. Love your dress gurl, looks absolutely fabulous on.



  3. the last photo is amazing :D



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